The final result should look similar to the text below: text effect

Download the finished project here.

5Applying Gradient Overlay - Now is time to make our Golden text look really golden. Click on the Gradient overlay checkbox, then click on the gradient color bar. The Gradient Editor will appear:
gradient overlay

4Add reflection to bevel - We can add more metal text effect by going into contour section.


Under contour section, change the tosetting as shown below:


This will make the text even more shinny, see the sample:

text effect

photoshop text effect
At this point, the text should look like the example above.

3Adding Gloss Contour - Now to make the text appear more like a metal surface. Under Bevel and Emboss section, click on the small graph's drop down menu next to the Gloss Contour, and select the graphic that look like the sample below:

gloss contourFeel free to play with the setting here. For the purpose of our tutorial, use the setting as shown on the left.

Now the text should look like the sample below:
text effect

layer style dialog 1Layer Style Dialog - We will be creating our golden text effect with Layer Style Dialog. You access the Layer Style Dialog by first selecting the Text Effect Layer, then click on the Add a layer style button add a layer style and select Blending options.... Layer Style Dialog on the left will appear:

We will be creating our golden effect text entire with this Layer Style Dialog.

2Adding Drop Shadow and Bevel- First activate the Drop Shadow and Bevel and Emboss Styles by clicking on the checkbox. The default value should do just fine, but feel free to play with the options.

First create a new layer and rename it as Text Effect. Then press T or click on the Horizontal type tool button horizontal type tool to input text into Text Effect layer, input "Golden" into the layer.

If you want to resize the text, you want press M or click on the Rectangular Marquee Tool rectangular marquee tool, then make sure the Text Effect layer are selected as active layer, right click anywhere on the canvas and chose Free Transform. A resize control will appear surrounding the text. To resize the text in proportion, hold shift while dragging the resize control.

If you want to move the text, simply select Move Tool Move Tool or press V. Then use the mouse to move the text.

You can skip this part by downloading the psd project file here.

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