7Adding neon light effect- At this point your text should look like the example here.

text effect

Create new layer on top of text effect layer and rename it to 'neon light'. Make sure the neon light layer is active. Press P or click on the Pen tool pen tool. Now set your foreground color to R102,G176,B172, and fill the paths with pen tool on the neon light layer as shown below.

text effect

Right click on the paths and select Stroke Path..., use the setting as shown here and click OK.

text effect

Go to menu 'Edit'->'Clear', to clear the pen's paths. Now your text should look like example here.

text effect

Apply Gaussian blur with the radius of 1.6pixel should make the neon light more believable as shown below:

text effect

8Add background and more Gaussian blur- Let's add a new layer and fill the entire layer with black color. Position this black layer below the Text Effect layer. Apply Gaussian Blur(radius 2.4px) to the Text Effect layer to make the text appear to be glowing in the dark. The final result should look like example here:

text effect

You can also download the completed project here.

6Apply effect on the text- Now back to the Text Effect layer. Rasterize the font by right click on the Text Effect layer name and click Rasterize type. Fill the layer with R127,G221,B215 by doing Shift+Backspace and then select the color. Once filled the layer with color, press Ctrl+D to remove the alpha selection.

fill layer

5Selecting alpha channel as an effect- Now here is the fun part. On the channel layers , Ctrl+Click on the thumbnail of new alpha channel that created from step 4. It will partially select the text as shown below:

text effect

4Merge Alpha channels- Merge both alpha channel by using subtract calculations. You can do so by selecting one of the alpha channel then go to menu 'Image'->'Calculations...'. Use the subtract blending mode to merge both alpha channels as shown below. The merged result will be appear as new alpha channel layer.

merge alpha channel

3Duplicate Alpha Channel- Make sure your previous marquee selection is remove by press Ctrl+D(if the marquee selection is not remove, it will cause the Gaussion Blur effect to be limited inside the text).

Now let's duplicate the alpha channel, and then apply Gaussian Blur to the alpha channel. You can access the Gaussion Blur from menu 'Filter'->'Blur'->'Gaussian Blur...'. Radius of 13.9 should be enough.

Gaussian blur

2Save selection into alpha channel - Alpha channel is a powerful tool for us to save and manipulate with the selection we done with our layer. We will be doing our neon effect within alpha channel, then apply the effect back into our Text Effect layer. The best way to select everything in a layer is to Ctrl+Click on the layer's thumbnail (the small icon on the left of the layer name). It will select everything that contain pixels value.

Now go to menu 'Select'->'Save Selection...', enter the name 'alpha' and click OK.

New alpha channel will be appear under the channel layers as shown below:

alpha channel

1Backup the original Text Effect layer - Duplicate the Text Effect layer, and then turn off the visibility of the original layer by clicking on the little eye icon on the left of the layer thumbnail. Your layers should look like the example here:

text effect

The original Text Effect layer will be leave untouch and serve as a backup for spawning another duplicated layer in case of anything went wrong in the following process. This is a good practice whenever you working on photoshop layers.

First create new PSD file with width 500, height 200, then create a new layer and rename it as Text Effect. Press T or click on the Horizontal type tool button horizontal type tool to input text into Text Effect layer, input "Neon" into the layer.

If you want to resize the text, you want press M or click on the Rectangular Marquee Tool rectangular marquee tool, then make sure the Text Effect layer are selected as active layer, right click anywhere on the canvas and chose Free Transform. A resize control will appear surrounding the text. To resize the text in proportion, hold shift while dragging the resize control.

If you want to move the text, simply select Move Tool Move Tool or press V. Then use the mouse to move the text.

You can skip this part by downloading the psd project file here.

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