07Changing the full screen background color - There is time when you want to change the Photoshop workspace background color. It is actually very important because human eyes perceive color relatively to object's surrounding colors. You can change the workspace background color by first pressing F to go into one of the full screen mode, selecting Paint Bucket tool, then pick a foreground color and then Shift-click on the background. Note that it only work on full screen mode.
06Multiple view for the same image - Sometime when you working on the image in detail, you need to zoom in closely to paint the image, but you want to check the entire image for consistency. Instead of jumping back and forth between different magnification views, you can open another window of the same image by selecting Window menu-> Arrange-> New Window. It will display the same image on a new window with different magnification of your choice, the changes made on one image with reflect on another.
05Undo your mistake - When you made a mistake in photoshop, you can use the Undo function. In most program, Undo function is trigger with Ctrl+Z button, however it is a little different in Photoshop, the first time you press Ctrl+Z is Undo, but the second time you press Ctrl+Z again it is Redo. In order to do Undo more than one time, you should use Ctrl+Alt+Z instead, and to Redo more than one time you should use Ctrl+Shift+Z.
04Moving around you image with keyboard - You can moving around the image with keyboard with Page Up and Page down button, Page Up scroll the image view to upper and Page Down scroll the image to lower. To scroll left and right, hold the Ctrl button and press Page Up(scroll left) or press Page Down(scroll right)
03Moving around your image with mouse - You will find yourself needed to moving around the image as you working on it in higher magnification level in photoshop. You can do this by holding spacebar, then click-and-drag the image to where you want to view.
02Magnification - To quickly switch between different level of magnification in Photoshop, press (Ctrl +) to zoom in, (Ctrl -) to zoom out. You can also change the magnification level with mouse scroll wheel, by holding Alt and mouse scroll wheel. Sometime you just want to quickly fit the image to your workspace, you can do this by pressing Ctrl+0.

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Adobe Photoshop Tutorials - Essential Controls in Photoshop

01Full Screen Mode - Photoshop allow you to work in 4 different Full Screen mode depend on your need of screen space. You can switch between the screen mode by pressing F key. This enable you to quickly switch between clean full screen and rich interface.