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06Link Layer - When doing move or resize on the bug01 layer, you might notice a problem, the masking adjustment layer are still effecting the old area! This is where linking layer come in handy, press Ctrl+Z to undo your transformation if you done any. Now select bug01 layer and Ctrl+Click on the adjustment layer above the bug01 layer, this will make the photoshop selected both bug01 layer and its adjustment layer. Now click on the little link layer button to link the layer. Now you can safely do the transformation on bug01 layer, the masking of adjustment layer will follow the transformation done to bug01 layer.
When you done playing with the free transform, press Enter key to commit the transformation. Do the same transformation to the bug02 layer. There are still a lot of improvement can be done on this image, but the technique will be cover in other photoshop tutorials.
photoshop link layer
05Resize, Rotate and Move Layer - The bugs should look a little small when move further to the back. We can use Free Transform to resize and move the bugs. Let's transform the bug01 layer first, press Ctrl+Click on the bug01 layer thumbnail to automatic select the bug with lasso tool. Now right click on the selected area and chose Free Transform. A Free Transform control will appear surrounding the bug of image. Where you can resize, rotate and move the layer. In order to resize your image in its original proportions, you can hold the Shift key while dragging the Free Transform control.
photoshop adjustment layers Your layers should look similar to example on the left after applying the adjustment layer.
Check out the adjustment layer got a black thumbnail with a little white dot, it is the masking of the adjustment layer. The masking tell the adjustment layer apply its effect only on the white area, which is the area that previously select by your lasso tool.

photoshop adjustment layer
At this point your image should look similar to image
Select Hue/Saturation from the pop-up menu. A Hue/Saturation dialog box will appear, this allow you to adjust hue, saturation and lightness of the selected image area. For now, just set hue to -78, which will make the bug01 become relatively green.

Do the same thing to bug02 layer, by ctrl+click on the layer thumbnail, make sure the bug02 layer is selected as active layer, then apply adjustment layer to it. Set the hue to +180, which will make the bug become relatively yellow.

masking adjustment layer

04Masking Adjustment Layer Now we want to edit just the selected portion of the image, Ctrl+Click on the bug01 layer Thumbnail. Photoshop will auto lasso the shape of the image in that layer. Now you are free to edit part of the image without worrying accidently affecting other part of the image. At this point you may try to use the brush tool and do some painting on the selected layer, the color will not be painted outside of the selected area. Instead of painting layer, I want to introduce you the masking and adjustment layer.

Make sure you still have the lasso selected around the bug01 and the bug01 layer is selected, then click Create new fill or adjustment layer button.

Move the bug01 and bug02 layers further to the back as shown below
photoshop move layer

03Move Photoshop Layer Move both bug01 and bug02 layers further back in the image as shown on the right. You can move the layer by first selecting the layer you want to move, and then select the Move Tool (You can press V to quickly select this tool). When you got the layer and Move Tool selected, just click-and-drag anyway on the canvas to move the bug on the selected layer.photoshop move layer

photoshop duplicate layer
02Create New Layer and Duplicate Layer - Now with the lasso tool still active, right-click on the selected portion of the image and select layer via Copy. This will copy the bug and paste into new layer, rename the new layer by double click on the layer name and enter 'bug01'. We will need another bug layer, instead of repeating the procedure above, you can duplicate the bug01 layer by click-and-drag the bug01 layer onto 'Create a new layer' button. Rename the duplicated layer to 'bug02'.
photoshop lasso selection
01Using Lasso Tool -First download photoshop_tutorial_image_01.gif and then open in photoshop. File Menu->Open... then browse to where you saved the gif file. Then use the lasso tool to roughly outline the shape of the bug in the image, no need to be pixel accurate since this is just a introduction tutorial.
This tutorial will show you how to use layer to isolate portion of image into separate layer, lock layer, edit layer, adjustment layer, masking layer, link layer and then free transform it into different dimension and position.

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